Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's up!

So it's time for an update! We have been pretty busy it feels like but fun at the same time. I just put some pictures up of things that have been going on. I did wax my legs for the first time a couple of weeks ago and i thought i was going to die while growing out my leg hair b/c it was so gross. Norris did not like it either but Trina did my legs for me and did an awesome job. It did hurt a little but not too horrible. After going through the experience i felt it was worth it for sure. My leg hairs are not so thick and it took forever for them to grow back! Less shaving is always a plus:) I also got a big bug bite (as you can see in the picture). I think it was a spider bite. It hurt!!! My B-day was last Monday! I turned 22! Getting old i know! It was fun. I had the day off of work. I had class in the morning that ended around 12 and then had lunch with Norris on campus. After I went to a hair school and had them wash and musash my scalp, which was really nice. Then they styled it curly for me. I am not very good at curling my hair so it was nice and pretty. Then Norris got off of work and we went out to get me a mountain bike for my b-day present but all the stores were closed early on monday nights! I think b/c of family night, only in Utah! After we headed to Chili's for dinner with my friends. It was so fun to have all types of friends their celebrating my b-day. THEN after we headed to my house to watch the Bacheloret. Long day i know but way fun. Well, Norris and I are trying to do P90X together:) It is hard. I also have a new job kinda. I still work at Tucanos and server but i am training to be a bartender:) as well. They get paid more so it is good! Norris and I are also taking a class together that starts up tomorrow and end at the beginning of August. It should be fun! I am planning on taking two more as well. I got my hair done this pass week, which is always fun:) And on Thursday night Tori and Big Norris took little Norris and I out for my b-day. I choose the Cheese Cake Factory b/c i love that place. It was fun! The weather is FINALLY nice up here and we can enjoy our summer days. We love to hang out and have some BBQ's with our neighbors and friends. Well that is pretty much it for now.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Ok i haven't posted in a while. Sorry! But something we have been doing lately is watching the Laker Games! We have our friends from our ward come over and do a BBQ:) We enjoy cheering for the Lakers and hope they continue to play well.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Funny Story

Alright, since Norris is probably going to tell most of you guys this story i figured i would blog about it. Yesterday i got home from church and there was a pile of dishes in the sink left over from the busy week! I decided to do them so that i would have clean dishes to make dinner. I loaded up the dishwasher as full as it could get and then i went to put the dishwasher soap in it. There wasn't enough to fill it and i had stuffed the dishwasher so i didn't think that would be enough. I didn't know what to do! Norris was still at church in a meeting, it was Sunday so i couldn't buy more. i saw on the counter liquid dish soap and thought that will work, right? I just put a little in the dishwasher and started it. Norris came home a couple of minutes later and said, What The HECK!! He pointed to the dishwasher and there its was, a bunch of foam just like in the movies but with the washer! I started to laugh and Norris knew what i did. We spent the next hour or so cleaning up! Norris is so smart and knew just what to do. He saved the day. I don't know what i would do with out him. Well besides that everything is going good. Norris and i have started a new semester at BYU. We get to drive to school together and then i come get him after work. We both have callings in our ward, YEAH! He is the young mens secretary and is doing lots with that and i am a primary teacher for the CTR 4 year olds. I taught my very first lesson on Sunday and it went pretty good. I need to think of creative ways to keep my kids interested. Coloring doesn't always work:) Well Norris has a new job at BYU as well and he likes it. He is an I.T. Tech for the teachers at BYU. He likes it! Other then that Norris and i love spending our Sunday's together and some evenings too! Oh yeah Norris likes to play video games when he has a little extra time:)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun Times

Well i haven't posted in a while but lots has happened. The school semester is almost over and that is exciting. I posted pics from Norris B-day. We went to The Cheese Cake Factory. mm mm Good. It was Jenny's B-day too. Norris is 24 now, he is getting older. There are some pics from Serena's B-day party she is 21 now too. After her b-day party we went Wal-Mart and got some Christmas decorations and put them up. Oh yeah there are pics from a date Norris and i went on a couple of weeks ago. We went to a UFC fight, which was fun and then to In-N-Out. They just opened it up here in Provo. It was good. I made Norris wear the In-N-Out hat:)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Date Night!

Norris and I went to Ozz this Friday night for our date night. We both have never been there before and it was pretty cool. Brett and Brianna told us about it. It's a sports grill and pool house. We played pool for an hour and Norris is really good at playing pool compared to me:) We went with another couple so we did teams and we won all three times. I felt a little bad by the third win. After we went to Red Mango, Umm, Umm, Good! It was a fun night. Thanks Brett and Brianna!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Norris and i always love going home to visit our family and friends. We went in the middle of August after summer classes were over. We has a fun filled week. Nick came home from his mission that week and theer were lots of b-days, family dinners, and fun activities. Here are some picks of our fun week. Oh i forgot to mention lots of surfing for Norris:) He tried to go every morning.

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